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  • 🍊 This Week's Juice: 3 Methods I Use to Implement AI in Marketing, Build an AI Marketing Engine, and AI Colleagues!?

🍊 This Week's Juice: 3 Methods I Use to Implement AI in Marketing, Build an AI Marketing Engine, and AI Colleagues!?

Learn 3 Methods I Use to Implement AI in Marketing 🥊, Learn to Build an AI Marketing Engine, and Your Future AI Colleagues in Action!

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How’s it going, friends? 😊

Thanks for joining me this week again for another issue.

Today, I’ll discuss a bit more how I would implement AI in my marketing strategy and share about my new mini-course.

Here’s the rundown of this week’s juice:

  1. 3 Methods I Use to Implement AI in Marketing 🥊

  2. Check out My Mini-Course 👨🏻‍🏫

  3. Your Future AI Colleagues 🤖

Let’s get this started!

- Justin 🍊

Read time: 6 minutes

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1. 3 Methods I Use to Implement AI in Marketing 🥊

Let’s say you are tasked with implementing AI in your marketing work.

But it’s starting to get messy.

You face these challenges:

  • Learning to prompt well takes time

  • No consistent processes for using AI

  • Poor quality content

  • Hard to keep up with its changes

These problems are relatable to you for good reason.

Many other marketers also faced these issues, according to Hubspot.

Why is this so and what’s the solution?

The conventional route is simple:

  • Spend time outside of work hours to learn and pour through AI content

  • Then hitting a roadblock because you don’t know what an API is

  • Then wonder how AI can fit into your marketing processes

End result?

A weak piece of content that screams “written by AI”.

Try these methods instead:

🥊 1. Start Small - Don’t be Afraid to Test AI

I must emphasize that you should start on small, focusing on specific tasks, and experimenting to find the most effective uses for AI in content creation.

Most people want AI to take over their whole process immediately.

It doesn’t work that way.

Spend some time looking through a large AI tool database.

Or watch some videos on AI from YouTube.

Then follow along and try to get a feel of what it can d

Learn what AI can do first, then work toward building bigger goals.

How I recommend starting is to learn to prompt well.

For that, follow my free guides on prompt engineering.

🥊 2. Play to AI’s Strengths

AI doesn't have to be used for everything; it can be selectively applied to the tasks it excels at.

So play to its strengths.

For example, I have found that AI is particularly useful for generating LinkedIn hooks, provided that you give it an example.

I like to create a template like this:

Then I give an LLM of choice this prompt:

You are an expert copywriter for LinkedIn with years of experience.

The goal is to write a LinkedIn Post and you must include these aspects: 

A contrarian take that AI can be used for good outputs and not bad ones

The narrative should be on AI being used for marketing processes

Replace all words in {} brackets but stick to this post structure strictly:

I see it every single day:

{Audience} feeling {negative state}.

Stuck at some {environment} with no {desired condition}, poor {management}, and zero {opportunity}.

I've spent the last {time period} encouraging these folks to {action}.

Because if you're a {audience}, you might make a great {role}.

The {experience/skills} you have would likely fetch {value} on the open market.

And it doesn't have to be either/or.

Start with a {small initiative} while you're working.

Do you know how many people want the {skills/knowledge} you have inside of your head?

There are {large number} internet-connected people.

Can you find {small number} that are interested in what you have to offer?

If you think so, put together a {plan} for making {desired change}.

Use your {resources} as capital to fund your {new venture}!

Read more here:

Just output the post and nothing else.

Here’s what I got back:

I see it every single day:

Marketers feeling frustrated.

Stuck at some agency with no innovation, poor leadership, and zero growth opportunities.

I've spent the last year encouraging these folks to embrace AI.

Because if you're a marketer, you might make a great digital strategist.

The marketing insights you have would likely fetch high demand on the open market.

And it doesn't have to be either/or.

Start with a small AI-driven campaign while you're working.

Do you know how many people want the digital strategies you have inside of your head?

There are billions of internet-connected people.

Can you find thousands that are interested in what you have to offer?

If you think so, put together a strategy for making your mark.

Use your creativity as capital to fund your next big idea!

Read more here:

Pretty good, ain’t it?

Of course, the text can be edited to sound more coherent thereafter.

Now slap on an image, and it’s ready for LinkedIn or an X thread!

🥊 3. Lock Down A Repeatable AI Process

I graduated with a science degree.

I’ve always been told that good experiments/processes should be replicable.

You know you’ve achieved success when your results are replicable.

You’ll want to build these next:

  • A trained LLM for research and aggregation

  • A prompting template

  • A PromptOps tool to manage all your prompts

  • Connect these tools if possible

  • Check for quality of AI-generated content

The best part?

Process-building is free, most AI tools out there are free.

You just need to know how.

Only then, can you build an AI process that can move like clockwork.

Working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

2. Check out My Mini-Course: The AI Marketing Engine 👨🏻‍🏫

Hey there, my juicies!

I’m excited to share something special with you today…

I’ll be launching a brand-new mini-course! 😁 

(Apologies, the link wasn’t working last week!)

It’s called:

The AI Marketing Engine: Generate 30 Days of Marketing Content in 3 Hours

The AI Marketing Engine is a Mini-Course for building an AI marketing system that produces 30 days of high-performing marketing content in 3 hours.

What’s the Course All About?

You want to get started using AI for marketing.

But somehow, don’t know where to start.

This mini-course will be PERFECT for you.

You’ll learn not just how to start, but to build a repeatable process (an AI marketing engine) for social media marketing.

This course is SUPER actionable and easy to get started.

At the end, you’ll have built these:

A privacy-focused AI model, a personalized marketing content plan for 30 days, a prompt library, and prompt engineering frameworks for continued use.

Why take this Mini-Course?

1/ Automate Marketing With AI ⚙️
Learn to build a semi-automated AI marketing system so you have time for human-directed strategy and creativity.

2/ Privacy Focused 🔒
You’ll deploy a no-code, privacy-focused LLM, adhering to strict privacy and compliance requirements.

3/ Lower Marketing Costs 💰
You’ll learn to leverage offline AI models to create weeks of content without a single cent.

What Will You Learn?

Module 1: Introduction to AI-Powered Marketing

Module 2: LLM Setup - Building Your Private AI Marketing Engine

Module 3: PromptOps - Organizing Your Marketing Prompts Effectively

Module 4: Prompt Engineering - Crafting Prompts That Perform

Module 5: Editing AI-Generated Content

Module 5: Conclusion

Additional Resources

For more details on the curriculum, read here.

Join The Waitlist Today!

Our mini-course is launching VERY soon!

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your content creation process.

3. Your Future AI Colleagues 🤖

This video gave me the creeps.

What if you had AI colleagues like these in the future?

That's all, folks, I really appreciate you being here - see you next Wednesday!

Justin 🍊

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