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🍊 AI Avatars, AI Song Translation, and How to Think CLEARLY!

Learn to create an avatar using AI, how artists sing in other languages using AI, and learn to think clearly with 3 steps!!

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“AI” hope you’re excited to dive into this week’s issue.

I’ll be covering:

  1. How to create an AI avatar of yourself! 😄 

  2. How musical artists sing in other languages using AI 👨‍🎤 

  3. How to think clearly 🧠

I’m hoping you’ll love this episode and have fun while learning new stuff about AI and self-improvement.

Let’s get started learning!

- Justin 🍊

Read time: 6 minutes

1. Create Your Own AI Avatar 👦🏻

Curious how you’d look like when AI draws you?

Or ever wanted to get an avatar to remain anonymous online?

Now you can create an AI avatar on ChatGPT.

How does that work?

ChatGPT takes in a image -> text -> image to create your avatar.

ChatGPT does NOT directly use your image as a reference for DALL-E 3.

Instead, there’s a middleman between the two: GPT-4V, which takes your original image, turns it into text, and then generates a prompt based on the text.

Here’s how you can get your own AI avatars using ChatGPT.


  • A clear photo of you

  • ChatGPT Plus subscription

Step 1) Head to ChatGPT and select the GPT-4 model.

Go to ChatGPT’s website and click on the GPT dropdown. Select the GPT-4 model.

Step 2) Click on the paperclip icon and select your photo

Step 3) Tell ChatGPT to create and avatar for you

Here’s the result:

Well, that kind of worked. But we can make improvements to it.

Step 4) Add details to reflect your facial features

Next we’ll tell ChatGPT to add more features.

You can include things like you nationality, race, whether you are chubby or chiseled, etc.

I continued to give feedback.

I even “tipped” $20

Does he really look like me? I don’t think so, but good attempts.

Step 5) More Avatar Variations

We can now create more avatar variations.

I tried:

  • Pixelated

  • Doodle-styled

  • Emoji-styled

  • 2D illustration

  • B&W sketch

Here’s a compilation of them:

Which do you think looks the most like me?

I found it funny the pixelated image had a Singapore flag to it lol.

And the emoji image looked creepy.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do try this out yourself - it’s really fun!

Many thanks to Goldpenguin for this tutorial.

2. AI Song Translation: Lauv Sings in Korean! 🎤🎶

DJ Swivel, Lauv & Kevin Woo. Credit: Hooky

Have you heard of Lauv?

He’s one of my favorite pop artists with a soothing voice.

But what if he could sing it in the Korean language - without speaking a word in Korean.

AND with a natural accent + in his signature singing voice?!

Guess what? This is a reality.

Let’s see if you find them similar in singing style.

Listen to English version 🇬🇧 of the “Love U Like That” song”. (Spotify)

And now the Korean version 🇰🇷 while you read this newsletter! (Spotify) 😃 

Korean Version

Do they sound similar? 😄 

If you’re from South Korea - let me know! Are the lyrics are culturally accurate?

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young and his AI voice company Hooky collabed with pop star Lauv to translate his song “Love U Like That” into Korean.

Lauv sent over his vocals to DJ Swivel help the AI nail his voice in Korean.

This marks a significant step in the AI translation trend, connecting English-speaking artists with international audiences.

It's all about culturally sensitive translations using AI, allowing artists to maintain their vocal identity across languages. 😊

In my opinion, this is a great way for Lauv, a Western artist to jump on the AI translation bandwagon.

He’s doing it to show some love to his fans in Korea, especially after his epic show in Seoul!

How cool and dedicated is that?!

There’s this thing happening in music called “Glocalization.” Basically, people worldwide are vibing more with music in their own languages.

This AI translation tech is like a bridge for English-speaking artists to connect with fans globally.

3. How to Think Clearly 🧠 

I recently stumbled upon this video by Joey from the Better Ideas YT channel.

And it just resonated with me.

I’ll share my inputs and learnings here:

Have you ever had one of those magic days when your brain just... works?

Like a FLOW state.

Everything clicks, words flow, and you're feeling the productiveness.

But let's be real, those days can feel like rare gems in a sea of brain fog.

So, how do we make them the norm rather than the exception?

I’ve been in the self-improvement rabbit hole since my awkward teen years, and here are some life-tested strategies to share with you:

1) Start Slow to Go Fast: Practice Graduated Stimulation 🐢➡️ 🐆

Morning routines are all the rage, right?

But here's a twist: kick off your day with the least entertaining tasks.

Sounds counterintuitive, I know.

The brain needs to take time to warm up, so don’t bombard it with content right in the morning!

Skip the morning social media scroll - trust me, those cat videos can wait.

Instead, start with low-stimulation activities (think organizing your desk, journaling, reading, stretching, working out)

You're setting the pace for a more focused day.

I personally take some time doing some journaling using the Day One app.

My iPhone is NOT easily within reach - on my MagSafe stand somewhere else.

This prevents me from picking it up in the morning.

2) Brain Dump to Declutter Your Mind 📝

I’m a huge fan of this.

Grab a notepad, or open a new doc, and just spill.

Every task, idea, or worry gets a spot on the list - like spring cleaning for your brain.

I use my iPad to get all of my ideas onto a page so that they don’t take up RAM in my mind.

It’s also really easy to find out what I need to do.

Once it's all out there, use the Eisenhower Matrix (more on that in a sec) to sort out what's urgent, what's important, and what can wait.

This method brings clarity and prevents your subconscious from turning into a messy, stress-inducing storage unit.

The Eisenhower Matrix sorts tasks into these categories:

  •  Urgent & Important: Do these first!

  • Not Urgent but Important: Schedule these.

  • Urgent & Not Important: Delegate if you can.

  • Neither Urgent Nor Important: Do you really need to do these?

3) Practice Mindfulness 🙏🏻

Tracking my State of Mind on my iPhone for 3 months

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer.

Trust me it helps, I’ve been doing it for 4 years.

Spending a few minutes each day being mindful can shift your perspective from overthinking to simply being.

It’s about grounding yourself in the present, noticing the sights, sounds, and sensations around you.

It helps clear the mental noise, reducing anxiety and sharpening focus.

Personally, I struggle with anxious and intrusive thoughts occasionally and practising mindfulness really helps.

Here are tools I use for mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness app on my Apple Watch Ultra to sync my breathing

  • Mindfulness app on the iPhone/Watch to track my feelings.

  • Journaling tools like a notebook, OneNote, Notion, GoodNotes, and Day One - I use these as prayer journals.

Here’s how the calendar on Day One looks like.

Blurred for privacy.

Let me know if you want me to sharing more on tools for journaling!

That’s it!

Hit me up with your thoughts or any quick wins you have for thinking clearly.

I’d love to learn from you too.

Try these out - like seriously, they helped me lots!

And remember, it's not about being perfect; it's about being a 1% better each day.

AI Image of the Week!

WikiHow Images by ScenePuzzleheaded729 using Bing Image Creator

Ever seen WikiHow images? This guy created an AI image that looks like one.

AI is going to put many illustrators out of job!

That's all, folks - see you next Wednesday!

If you have any questions or feedback, reply to this email. (I'll personally reply! :)

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