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  • 🍊 This Week's Juice: How I use AI to Generate Subtitles, an Automatic Podcast Editor, and Arc Search Review!

🍊 This Week's Juice: How I use AI to Generate Subtitles, an Automatic Podcast Editor, and Arc Search Review!

Learn how to create AI subtitles for your videos 📹, edit podcasts efficiently 🎙️, and learn all about the new mobile browser: Arc Search! 🔍

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Hey friends, how you doing!

I’v been spending some time exploring 3 new AI/online tools the past one week.

I’ll be covering what I think about them in this issue.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  1. How I use AI to Generate Subtitles 📹

  2. A Really Handy Automatic Podcast Editor 💻

  3. My Review of Arc Search 🔍

Alright, let’s start!

- Justin 🍊

Read time: 4.5 mins

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1. How I use AI to Generate Subtitles 📹

I’ve recently been dabbling with video content on LinkedIn.

Yes, you may not have seen them, but I have them scheduled to go live soon.


There’s one thing that I find a chore: subtitles.

Subtitles are important because they help you guys understand the content more quickly

However, they are a pain in the butt to add or timestamp.

And so, being the techy that I am, I wanted to use AI!

As such, the folks at FlexClip reached out to me to collaborate on my blog.

They offered a subscription to test out their online video editor.

I jumped at it and said yes!

I tried their AI subtitle generator - and it worked wonders.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

1: Click on Auto AI Subtitle Under the Subtitles Tab

Once you log in to the Flexclip interface, click on Subtitles on the left panel and click Auto AI Subtitle.

2: Select Your Language

4: Select Your Audio Input

If your input from the video, select Scene, and if from audio, select Audio.

In this case I’ll leave it as All (Scene + Audio).

6: Click the “Next” button

7: Select Subtitle Styling

8: Click the “Generate” button

The AI will get to work and finish generating within 2 mins or so.

And here’s the end product:

It’s pretty accurate and a great place to start with rather than doing it from scratch!

Go try FlexClip!

Don’t wanna use the whole app, try their free AI subs generator.

2. A Really Handy Automatic Podcast Editor 💻

I found a really handy podcast editor.

And no, it’s not AI, but it runs on an algorithm.

It automatically does jumpcuts for you so you can sit back and save a good 1hr of editing for your long podcast episodes.

It’s called AutoPod.

I was so shocked when I saw a demo of it.

If you have a podcast, I suggest trying it out because it’ll be so worth it.

It’s a Adobe Premiere Pro pack of plug-ins that requires you to fill in some details of your podcast, then do all the editing for you.

Here are its tools:

  • Multi-Camera Editor: Edits Multi-Camera sequences automatically.

  • Social Clip Creator: Automatically create 1920x1080, 1080x1350, and 1080x1920 clips for social.

  • Jump Cut Editor: Automatically creates jump cuts in footage based on silence.

Here’s a video review about it if you’re on the fence:

Go try AutoPod! (Not sponsored)

Have you checked out Arc Search?

If not, then please do.

Here’s my review of it - spoiler alert, I love it!

1. Streamlined and Swift

The first thing you see in Arc Search is a minimalist toolbar and a focus on essential functions, making browsing straightforward and quick.

Its unique design, emphasizing speed and simplicity, ensures a clutter-free browsing experience that's efficient and user-friendly​​.

2. One-Handed Browsing

Tailored for one-handed use, Arc Search excels with features like the intuitive tab switcher and easy-to-reach favorites, ensuring that everything you need is just a thumb flick away.

This approach not only makes browsing more convenient but also significantly faster​​.

Great for long train rides! Or using the phone on the go.

3. Forward-Thinking Features

Not for its revolutionary feature: “Browse For Me”

The "Browse For Me" feature, which summarizes web searches into personalized pages, showcases Arc Search's innovative use of AI to simplify information gathering.

While it's still evolving, this feature hints at a future where browsers do more of the legwork for us​​.

Best part is that you can now share the website it created with your friends.

Here’s one I created for preventing dust mites at home.

4. Room for Growth

Despite its promising start, Arc Search is still developing, with several features like sync with the desktop app and an iPad version on the wishlist.

In my opinion, its AI summaries also need refinement for accuracy and reliability.

For those looking for a browser that combines speed, simplicity, and innovation, Arc Search is a compelling choice.

At the core, it’s an amazing product that’s hyper-focused on UX alone.

It’s really really speedy too.

I’ve even replaced it for informational searches, ditching Safari on my iPhone haha.

Go find it on the Apple Store.

If you try it, here’s an easter egg for you: a fidget spinner. You can even feel the vibrations on your phone!

Stay ahead of the curve peeps,


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