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  • 🍊This Week's Juice: Use an AI Chatbot to Collect Leads, Learn All About Claude 3's New Release, and How to Create a Pixar Version of Yourself

🍊This Week's Juice: Use an AI Chatbot to Collect Leads, Learn All About Claude 3's New Release, and How to Create a Pixar Version of Yourself

Learn how to use an AI Chatbot (Noform AI) to collect leads from your website 🌐, learn all about Claude 3 🤖, and How to Create a Pixar Version of Yourself 🙋🏻‍♂️

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Hey friends, Justin here again!

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In fact, we are almost at 5.3k now haha.

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Oh, and I was on the “Living with AI” podcast by Jane Kim this week. It was so fun to talk about AI and this newsletter on there.

NOTE: If you’re new, then please do check out previous issues of The Juicer.

Here’s what I’ll be covering today:

  1. How to Use Noform AI to Collect Leads From a Website 🌐

  2. Learn All About the NEW Claude 3 Model 🤖

  3. How to Create a Pixar Version of Yourself 🙋🏻‍♂️

Let’s get this started!

- Justin 🍊

Read time: 4 minutes

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What will you accomplish with the power of AI?

1. How to Use Noform AI to Collect Leads From a Website 🌐

I’ve been running businesses via my websites for 3 years now.

But there’s one thing I’ve missed out on:

And that’s capturing leads. 🎯

Google has undoubtedly the most attention in the world right now through its search engine.

That’s why:

It’s important to capture leads from your precious web traffic.

With that, AI CAN HELP!

Introducing No Form AI, a SUPER intuitive AI assistant that you can easily embed into your website.

When I say easy, I mean LITERALLY within 5 minutes kind of easy!

Here’s how it works.

You first input your website domain.

Then, No Form AI will create a personalized AI assistant based on the content from your website.

It’s ready!

Next, feel free to edit the AI instructions to get the intent right.

And that’s it! You’re mostly done.

You can then customize its appearance to your brand colours. I changed mine to orange to suit my website.

You can simply add a chat bubble or embedded chat in your website.

Feel free to change the first message, conversation starters, AI assistant name, and logo.

Simply paste the chunk of Javascript code on your website.

For my Wordpress website, I just added it to a custom HTML block.

Hit “Finish & Start Collecting Leads” to begin.

Feel free to check out the contact page on my website to see how the embedded chat can look like.

Here’s how it looks on my site - pretty neat ain’t it?

What about the backend, Justin? How are we collecting leads?

The dashboard on the backend looks like this.

It’s essentially a funnel graph that shows how many move from visitors → chats → leads.

After sending in a first response, the AI chatbot will talk about informative content, and then further nudging gently to a call to action.

In my case, the call to action would be to subscribe to my newsletter, The Juicer.

Once that’s sent, notice that visitors are now moved to chats.

Best part about it is that it can respond to natural language - it’s not rigid like traditional chatbots taking in only certain responses.

It can then collect your email.

PLUS, it can offer extra support with its AI capabilities. I can continue to ask about content I’m interested in on the website.

Cool, right?

Let’s see how we’ve collected a lead on the backend.

Looks like we got ourselves a lead! 😊

By the way, after just one day of implementing this embedded chat on my contact page, I’ve had a few chats from various persons!

If you need help with deploying such an AI chatbot to collect leads on your website on autopilot, reply to this email with “interested”.

I’ll help you set this up! (I have limited capacity, so I’ll charge a fee)

Here is its pricing structure:

This means that you’ll get to try it out for free for 50 AI responses per month.

2. Learn All About the NEW Claude 3 Models 🤖

Have you heard of the recent Claude 3 models?

Anthropic released 3 models under Claude 3:

  • Opus

  • Sonnet

  • Haiku

And the best part is that the best model (Opus) outperforms GPT-4 in ALL aspects.

Here are a few functions that are NEW:

  • You can now work with images

  • You can attach files to give it more context.

I put it to the test:

By asking what it would LOOK LIKE if I looked through the lens of the binoculars:

Sound like it knows what it’s talking about!

Claude’s computer vision passes my test.

Paid plans for Claude 3 also start at the same price as ChatGPT Plus: $20/month.

Here’s a quick comparison with ChatGPT’s GPT-4.





Free: GPT-3.5

Free: Claude Sonnet

Paid: GPT-4

Paid: Claude Opus

Requires any email address. No waitlist at present.

Requires an email address to create an Anthropic account.

95+ languages

English, Japanese, Spanish and French

I also found this article that goes really in depth in its comparison to GPT-4.

Try Claude now!

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3. How to Create a Pixar Version of Yourself 🙋🏻‍♂️

Who says we can’t have fun with AI?

Recently, I shared how to create a Pixar version of myself on LinkedIn!

Go check it out!

Hope you created a fun character for yourself. (note: it will requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription!)

That's all, folks - see you next Wednesday!

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