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  • 🍊 This Week's Juice: AI Tools for Educators, Create Slide Decks Using AI, and Apple Vision Pro Release

🍊 This Week's Juice: AI Tools for Educators, Create Slide Decks Using AI, and Apple Vision Pro Release

Learn the latest AI tools for educators 👨🏻‍🏫, how to create sleek-loking slide decks entirely using AI 🤖, and all about the latest Apple Vision Pro! 🥽

Hey friends, Justin here!

Thanks for all the support, we just hit 4k subs and 9k followers on LinkedIn 🎉

If you came in from elsewhere, check my work out / say hi on LinkedIn! I’m really much more active there.

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Without further ado…

🍊 Here are your 3 juices of the week!

  1. 10 AI Tools for Educators 👨🏻‍🏫

  2. Create Sleek-looking Slide Decks Using AI: Tome 📊

  3. Apple Vision Pro Release 🥽

Did I pique your interest? ;)

Okay, let’s go!

- Justin 🍊

Read time: 4.5 minutes

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1) 10 AI Tools for Educators 💼

Educators, I gotcha! Here are 10 AI tools for you to check out.

Also, if you are doing training for your company, these tools might come in handy too.

Features: Streamlines the feedback process on student essays with customization options to align closely with grading criteria.

2. Canva’s AI-Powered Tools

Docs to Decks: Transforms written outlines into visually appealing slide presentations.
Magic Design AI: Creates complete presentations from a single prompt, producing impressive results.

For Video Creation: Converts outlines into professional-looking videos, significantly reducing manual video creation time.

Outline Creation Tool: Generates detailed concept maps from keywords or phrases, providing a visual representation of topics.

Features: Generates questions from videos to enhance student engagement and comprehension during remote learning sessions.

6. Twee

Video Question Generator: Transforms public YouTube videos into educational checkpoints, ensuring content comprehension.

ChatGPT Integration: Creates engaging, arcade-style quizzes from text passages, offering a fun review game format.

Question Database: Offers an expansive arsenal of questions for multiple-choice assessments, even on complex literary topics.

Google Workspace Extension: Rewrites any webpage to a specific grade level, offering a cost-effective alternative to similar tools.

PDF Summarization: Simplifies document handling by summarizing PDFs, useful for managing documents from various educational stakeholders.

2) Create Sleek-looking Slide Decks Using AI: Tome 🤖

End product of Tome’s AI Slide Deck Generation

Want to quickly create a powerpoint presentation using AI?

With Tome, I managed to get one up and running within 5 minutes with a simple prompt:

create a presentation about 5 benefits of adopting AI into yoru workflow as a solopreneur

Then you’ll be presented with 4 AI-generated slides for each slide.

Here’s the title slide. You can pick if you want it to be with an AI-generated image or not.

Again, you’ll be given a choice of 4 slides for each point. Pick one!

You’ll be left with this as a final product! You can then share it or export it as a PDF.

End product of Tome’s AI Slide Deck Generation

I know these set of slides ain’t pretty, but you can pick from one of their templates and generate slides from there!

All in all, this tool is free with credit limits and it made me a presentation within 5 minutes (without the hassle of formatting text!).

Do check Tome out. (Not sponsored!)

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3) Apple Vision Pro Release! 🥽

Were you as excited about Apple Vision Pro’s release when they gave us a first look at it?

It’s time to face reality (or rather virtual reality!)

MKBHD released a video on all the things about the Vision Pro that we’ll only know when we see the product in reality.

Here are a number of features I picked out from MKBHD’s video above:

  •  Design and Build: High-end with metal and glass, includes buttons, speakers, fans, and displays.

  • Power Source: Lacks an internal battery, requires a tethered cable which may affect comfort and mobility.

  • Chips and Performance: Utilizes M2 and R1 chips for advanced spatial positioning and includes sensors like eye trackers.

  • Power Management: No traditional on/off switch; operates with a unique power management system.

  • Input Methods: Interaction through eye tracking and hand gestures.

  • Applications: Supports native apps and can run iPhone/iPad apps, but lacks a standout "killer app."

  • Optic ID System: Features eye identification for login and displays the wearer's eyes externally in passthrough mode for communication.

  • Limitations: Noted limitations in streaming service availability and app selection.

  • Personas: He calls the Persona that look exactly like him in the uncanny valley arena. It kinda looks like him but it’s not him.

iJustine, MKBHD, and Brian Tong’s Personas on a FaceTime call.

The standout feature for me for the Vision Pro is the Persona feature!

It’s something that’s still in Beta and will get better with time. It’ll be great to take calls with it!

However, with the steep price of $3,500 USD, it just ain’t worth it for most people for now!

My guess is that only content creators will get it as an investment for content.

Will you get the Apple Vision Pro?

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AI Image of the Week!

“You are what you eat” by wasabi1787 in r/aiArt via Bing Image Creator

They also made a wrap and pizza version too.

That's all, folks - see you next Wednesday!

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