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  • 🍊 This Week's Juice: How I did an AI Photoshoot, AI for Drug Discovery, and a Must-Watch AI TED Talk!

🍊 This Week's Juice: How I did an AI Photoshoot, AI for Drug Discovery, and a Must-Watch AI TED Talk!

Learn How I did an AI Photoshoot With BetterShot AI 📸, How AI is Used for Drug Discovery 💊, and Check out a Must-Watch AI TED Talk!

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Welcome back, friends! 🍊

It’s been a crazy busy Lunar New Year for me - time to get back into the exciting AI stuff!

Recently, I’ve been job hunting and needed a professional photoshoot done.

Guess what?

I did it using AI!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Wanna learn how?

Read on for more.

What I’ll cover today:

  1. How I Did an AI Photoshoot 📸

  2. AI for Drug Discovery 💊

  3. A Must-Watch AI TED Talk 🗣️


- Justin 🍊

Read time: ~4 minutes

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1. How I Did an AI Photoshoot 📸

Recently, I’ve been looking for a full-time role as a data analyst.

(If you’re hiring in SG, check out my portfolio)

I was in need for a fresh new professional photoshoot.

That’s when Rachelle from Bettershot reached out to me on LinkedIn.

She offered to give me a demo to try out.

I said “Sure!”

Bettershot is an AI photoshoot tool that can generate images that look exactly like you! (Use code “THEJUICER” for 20% off your order!)

BTW, read to the end to see if it passed the girlfriend test.

Here’s how the AI photoshoot works:

Step 1: Choose Your Styles

You’ll be prompted to pick a combination between a location and an outfit.

Here are the locations you can pick from:

  1. Studio - Grey

  2. Outdoor - City

  3. Outdoor - Garden

  4. Indoor - Office

  5. Indoor - Cafe

And here are the outfits:

  1. Blue Business Suit

  2. Beige Casual Blazer

  3. Black T-Shirt

  4. Beige T-Shirt

I picked these:

Step 2: Upload Your Photos

Next you’ll be asked to input your name, age, ethnicity, eye color and sex. These will help guide the model to generate good images.

Then follow some good guidelines to create good photos

I uploaded some photos but some were declined, so you need to make sure that you meet their requirements with quality and quantity:

Step 3: Wait Patiently for Photos to be Generated

Once that’s all done, all you need to do is to wait patiently!

Step 4: Download Photos

Here are the results of the photos it generated:

And here are the best three:

Do you think they look like me?

🙋🏻‍♂️ My Verdict:

They don’t look EXACTLY like me but some bear resemblance to me. I can pick out a max of 3 that look 80% like me. 

It should suffice for a professional photoshoot! My guess is that it has less training on Asian guys with spectacles (or Singaporean Chinese in general)

👍🏻 Positives: The environment looks very realistic. Facial features like stubble, mouth shape, spectacles, eyebrows, nose shape are uncannily similar!

👎🏻 Negatives: Some eyes are messed up (normal for AI) and my face looks chubbier than myself in most pics.

🤷🏻‍♀️ My Girlfriend’s Verdict:

It looks like an interpretation of what a wealthy man in Chinese culture looks like. The features are rounder, wider and smoother. But i love you as you are now 🤓🤣

If you’d like an AI photoshoot for yourself, do give Bettershot a try.

I’ve worked a deal with Bettershot for a coupon code for you:

Use code “THEJUICER” for 20% off your order!

If you decide to use the code, you’ll also be supporting this newsletter as I get a small commission at no extra cost to you! 😀 

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2. AI for Drug Discovery 💡

Researchers have been using AI for years!

However, generative AI has recently changed how drug discovery is being done.

As I was previously trained in biology in university, this topic intrigued me.

NVIDIA has released NVIDIA BioNeMo, a platform of more than a dozen GenAI models.

Recursion Phenom-Beta’s AI Capabilities

Specifically, I want to talk about Phenom-Beta.

Phenom-Beta is a foundation model by a company called Recursion.

It is based on deep learning to create a cell representation and link it to disease pathways through large, diverse cell image libraries.

This will be big in the world of biology as this was previously studied by humans, leading to many missing pieces.

Such AI can help by looking at areas and finding relationships that humans simply cannot detect.

As such, it can reduce time taken for:

  • Building gene and molecule relationships

  • Discovering new drugs

  • Discovering new interations between proteins

3. A Must-Watch AI TED Talk 🗣️

Have you heard of Andrew Ng?

If not, you’re living under a rock.

He’s a visionary leader and is well-known among the AI community.

If you’re new to AI and want to see the practical possibilities of using in your business or in your workplace, this TED talk is for you.

Give it a watch: it’s the best ~11 minutes you’ll spend learning about AI.

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AI Image Videos of the Week!

Not art this week but a video on Sora - OpenAI’s new text-to-video model.

This was the week’s hottest news!

I was honestly impressed by the videos generated by it.

That's all, folks - see you next Wednesday!

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