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  • 🍊: Real-time AI Generation, Litter Prevention using AI, and Coffee-making robots!

🍊: Real-time AI Generation, Litter Prevention using AI, and Coffee-making robots!

Learn how to do real-time AI image generation, how Singapore prevents high-rise litter using AI, and Figure makes coffee- making robots!

Hey friends, happy midweek!

My twin brother just got married this week so I was a little busy.

The wedding hall (As seen in Crazy Rich Asians!)

How’s YOUR week?

Good? 😊

I’m back again to teach you a lot more about AI and tech.

You know I’m always excited to write these newsletter issues!! 🤩

Here’s what I’ll be covering today:

  1. How to generate AI images in real-time using Krea AI 🖼️

  2. Singapore prevents high-rise litter using AI 👮🏻‍♀️

  3. Figure teaches robots to make coffee ☕️

Okay, let’s serve you up your weekly juice! 🍊

- Justin 🍊

Read time: ~6 minutes


Yes, this isn’t a real sponsorship (sponsors pls reach out!)

But I wanted to make a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! 📣 😊

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I haven’t had an answer for the longest time.

Until now!

That’s because…

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You might already be wondering: Who is the Ultimate AI Mastery Pack for?

It’s for:

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1. How to Generate AI Images in Real-time Using Krea AI 🖼️

AI technology has advanced so much, you guys!

Remember when DALLE first came out?

Just being able to draw was AMAZING!

But now we have real-time AI image generation!

How cool is that?

Now let me teach it to you (not sponsored btw!):

Step 1) Sign up for an Account at Krea AI

Head to Krea.ai.

Technically, you don’t need an account to try this the real-time image generator, but the popup is annoying.

I signed up because it’s free and I don’t like popups 😃 

Step 2) Try out the Real-time Image Generator!

Head to the Real-time Generation tool:

Once inside, you’ll have a starter prompt:

a pink frog on top of a blue mushroom

Feel free to drag the shapes around to explore how fast the real-time image generation is!

Here’s what that looks like:

Step 3) Play around with Prompts and Shapes

Next, you can play around with the prompt.

I changed the prompt to:

a boy standing on a bridge

I changed the pink circle into a teal-coloured triangle. I tweaked the prompt a bit.

a beautiful diamond ring that shimmers

Step 4) Try Out the Different Styles

Next up!

Try the different styles available:

  • No Style

  • Cinematic

  • Illustration

  • Bloom

  • Product

They all have a different look and feel.

Find the one that suits your product best.

And that’s it!

Here’s why real-time image generation is a game-changer:

  • AI images usually take 30s to generate. This take a split second

  • Fine control of objects. The shapes and background help to frame the shot for finer control.


Try it out and send me an email of the images you come up with!z

2. Singapore Prevents High-rise Litter using AI 👮🏻‍♀️


I live in Singapore, and over here, we live in high-rise flats.

But there’s something people love to do in high-rise flats:

High-rise littering! 🚯

And it’s SUPER dangerous - people have died from it.

PLUS, it’s a criminal offence in Singapore.

The Singapore Government has a plan, and it’s using AI to catch these people throwing stuff outta their windows.

Let me tell you a story of how I discovered this.

I was taking a short strong around my neighbourhood.

I couldn’t help but notice something strange

It was a robot-looking thing with a camera on it, aimed at an angle parallel to the windows of my flat.

Robot-looking thing with a camera I saw

I went closer and found out that it was an outdoor camera setup by a Singapore Government body to test the use of AI in cameras to catch litter bugs (people who litter).

It’s actually run by Oneberry.

Oneberry’s MobiCAM setup

I found out Oneberry's MobiCAM offers cost-effective mobile surveillance in Singapore.

It is a plug and play system with flexible rental options.

  • ⤴️ Increased Productivity: Configurable video analytics with alerts for enhanced surveillance.

  • ✅ MobiCAM Benefits: Longer autonomous operation, reliable, and suitable for outdoor use.

  • 🔘 Use Cases: Security surveillance, high-rise littering, event deployments, social distancing monitoring, and more.

Oneberry’s MobiCAM from MOBOTIX

My guess that is that it’s hard to catch footage of people littering.

It can happen any time of the day/night.

With such mobile surveillance monitoring, relevant authorities can gather evidence to find the culprit.

The camera works using AI to detect actions happening in the footage, alerting the staff of happenings.

Notice how I mentioned it’s also being used for security purposes?

Examples of uses:

  • Formula 1 Races

  • Singapore’s National Day Parade

  • Trump-Kim Summit (June 2018)

  • 33rd ASEAN Summit

  • Kamala Harris Visit to Singapore (August 2021)

Do I support this lack of privacy but cool use of tech?

I do.

That’s because I have seen air-conditioning units fall from 12 floors and land with a loud bang before.

In my younger days, I’ve heard stories of people throwing locks 🔒 out the window which injured a kid.

Whether these are on purpose or not, it’s very important to feel safe when walking at the ground level of buildings in Singapore.

Our land space and manpower is extremely limited, and tech has saved us SO much hassle.

3. Figure Teaches Robots to Make Coffee ☕️

Are you a coffee lover? ☕️

Well, I am! I love the aroma.

Would you fancy a cuppa made by a robot barista?

Watch the video to see it making simple espresso coffee!

This is another leap forward in AI and robotics, following after Tesla’s Optimus Gen-2 that can handle eggs with care.🥚

AI Image of the Week!

Video by Fun with A.I. on YouTube

For this week’s AI image, I have a video for you!

It went absolutely viral last year with millions of views.

If you love video games, you’ll like the video compilation above about AI final bosses for each country.

That's all, folks - see you next Wednesday!

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